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     The Dhtml Menu below contains some special              features that can be incorporated into any Dhtml menu to develop a style              usable across the complete site.

Using a Dhtml menu in your website has some distinct advantages.

  • The menu can be programmed either through the main body of a page, inside a cascading style sheet, and in a frame. By doing this your visitors can feel at home in being able to navigate to any point of the page with a simple click of their mouse.
  • The menu can contain any combination of colours, mouse overs highlight which section is being used and any submenu is designed to drop down beneath or adjacent to its corresponding heading.
  • Any font style can be incorporated in the menu, however bear in mind that customers who do not have this font style installed on their machine will revert to a standard font in the menu. Font's can be altered by mouse over's and highlighting, making the menu totally interactive with the user.
    The menu can be made as either a horizontal or vertical style depending on the clients preferences.

    Please note: This menu will only be fully functional in Internet Explorer and Advanced Browser. All nescape users would require a seperate access point to a Dhtml compatable menu.