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MJL Web Design are pleased to show you a selection of our pre-designed templates for sale. All of our templates have been verified according to the world wide web consortium (commonly known as the W3C), the governing body of the internet whose main purpose is to ratify pages as being cross compliant in most/all browser's.

Please note : In order to maintain our copyright on all our designs you will need Macromedia Flash to view our selection of templates available for purchase. This is to ensure there is no illegal downloading of our source codes and designs.

Click the links above to see the selected templates.

FLASH SITES - Uses the latest technologies incorporated into web design and newer browsers. These sites are very pleasing to the viewer including high quality graphics. The biggest drawback to these sites is the connection speed of users internet connections and the requirement on older machines which ask the user to download a flash player if they have not got one on their pc.

HTML SITES - Html sites have been around the web since the begining of the internet in 1991. Generally with a few exceptions all page formatting works across browsers exactly as designed with no need to download associated software.

FRAMES SITES - This type of site has one distinct advantage over both the above, where navigation is simplest on site and the user never seems to leave the original page. Users of this type of site need a modicum of computer navigation understanding.

PHP SITES - PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) originally conceived as a web application in 1994. The programme allows the creation of web pages from a set number of variables. Totally cross compliant like html, it can be used to create pages, e-commerce sites, shopping carts and even to configure your own mail client ( a mail client is a programme similar to outlook or outlook express). All programming for PHP resides on the server of the user, it is not a design general users can make alterations to.